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To download a copy, right click on the link below and save the file to your hard drive.




CBrEase 1.2.3 Download
Released March 3, 2019
C-BrEaseInstall - Version 1.2.3.exe
Windows program file [6.1 MB]
CBrEase 1.2.3 User Guide - Released March 2019
This user guide is a PDF version of the one found in the program under the Help Menu item.
C-BrEase1.2.3 Help.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [7.3 MB]
C-BrEase 1.0 Demo License Reset
Running the ResetLicenseSetup.exe will overwrite your current licensing with the 30 day Demo License.
(Note: this reset utility will only work for one 30 day reset)
Windows program file [619.9 KB]

If you have existing BrEase files created using the Microsoft Excel version of BrEase, you may be able to convert them to work with C-BrEase.

To do so, download and use the BrEase Converter Utility below to create "new" C-BrEase files from the old BrEase ones.

BrEase File Converter Utility - Updated 5/31/2017
Converts BrEase Files from Excel format to C-BrEase Format (*.cbz)
NOTE: After Downloading the Utility, you MUST change the file extension from ".xlsx" to ".xlsm" before running.
Microsoft Excel sheet [74.9 KB]




From the download location, open the C-BrEase Install file to install the program.


If you have any problems, please contact us.




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