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C-BrEase provides an efficient tool to help field inspectors understand  and document historic changes in channel cross-sections which impose potenial danger to bridges.  
In addition, the program can seamlessly integrate valuable hydaulic calculations and robust scour computations to provide engineers with an efficient means of assessing the potential vulnerability of a structure.

How Can CBrease Help You?

Key Features

Customize the Plot to Create a Clear Visualization of the Condition

With C-BrEase, the user can quickly create custom images of the historic channel conditions using seveal features:

  • Turn on/off  X-Sections
  • Add Comments
  • Speed Draw Countermeasures
  • Focus in on Areas of Concern
  • Cycle through X-Sections
  • And more

Field App

Designed for Use in the Field - Available Now on IOS and Soon on Android

Many State DOTs are improving their field inspection procedures by using Electronic Data Collection tools such as Tablets or Smart Phones.

C-BrEase has been written in order to be cross-platform compatible so that inspectors and engineers can immediately identify problems or data collection errors while still at the bridge site.
Data can be input by hand or voice commands and reviewed on the spot.

By developing the bridge geometry file in the office using a Desktop PC (Windows), Apps opperating on Android and iOS will enable X-Section data to be collected and plotted on the fly in the field using your Smart Phone or Tablet (Android / IOS).

To better understand the benefits of the Field App, watch this video!


The Hydraulic Module is available for Testing

Once a bridge and channel cross-section file is created, C-BrEase solves for Discharge or WSEL using Mannings Equation.  

There are 3 Graphical Tools to help Hydraulic Engineers
1.  Basic Normal Depth Calculator works with your existing channel cross-sections and can account for multiple mannings values, overbank stations and can adjust for backwater effects.




2.  Rating Curve for the Channel Cross-Section 




3.  Risk Analysis - using a Monte Carlo simulation approach, statistical estimates can be by assessing the uncertainty in hydraulic parameters including discharge, Mannings Roughness, Backwater and Slope


Based on either the hydraulic calcualtion in C-BrEase or data obtained from another model,  scour calculations can be easily made and graphed on the chart to assess potential scour vulnerabilities at the bridge.

Pier Scour is available!

Following guidelines in FHWA HEC-18, C-BrEase will calculate and plot Pier scour 

Future Development will include modules for 

  •     Abutment scour 
  •     Contraction scour
  •     Pressure scour
  •     Future Degradation

In addition, C-BrEase will estimate Risk for Scour to help engineers appreciate the uncertainties in Scour Estimation.

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