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With expertise in Hydraulic Modeling, we are looking for challenging projects that require advanced applications of 2 or 3 dimensiional modeling.  H2Flo Consulting is an experienced at field data collection and as a user of SRH-2D and TuFLOW for 2D hydraulic modeling in steady and unsteady flow conditions.  In addition, for complicated non-hydrostatic conditions such as around bridge piers, we are skilled at using the CFD toolbox, OpenFOAM for determining forces and the detailed 3-dimensional flow pattterns. 


Scour Study in India

Field Data Collection

As a scour mitigation consultant in Kolkata India at the Second Vivekananda Bridge crossing the Hooghly River, H2FLO consultanting surveyed the river bottom using a  multibeam sonar and collected velocity and discharge information using an Accoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) to understand the flow and scour conditions at the site.  


2-D Modeling

A 2-D Hydraulic Model was developed to estimate the flow velocities during the ebb and flood tides for Monsoon conditions.  An assessment of worst case condition and the influence of adjacent piers was made.  Bed shear stress was determined in the the vicinity of the piers to determine the proper countermeasure design.

Ebb Tide Flows

Flood Tide Velocities

Modeled Shear Stress Values

Countermeasure Evaluation Using CFD

An OpenFOAM CFD model for the ebb tide condition was run using the boundary conditions determined by the 2-dimensional mode to assess if the proposed scour mitigation at the Second Vivekananda Bridge might adversely impact the adjacent railroad bridge.

Scanning Sonar Images

Early in the schedule for dumping  sand filled geotextile containers, a scanning sonar was used to approximate the location of the material to see how far the containers would drift.  

Image of crates around column (right)

Zoomed In sonar image of crates

Multibeam Survey of Sandbag Placement around Pier

Midway through the placement of crates filled with geotextile bags of sand, H2FLO Consuting ran a multibeam survey of the work to validate the llevel and overall placement of the material.

Multibeam image of crates of sand bags

3D Model from multibeam survey

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