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H2FLO consulting provides expert bridge engineering services and software to bridge owners and consultants around the world. Specializing in the evaluation of bridge structures, H2FLO can be there to do the surveying and analysis for you, or can give you the tools to do it yourself. With advanced skill in hydraulic modeling, we can develop 1D, 2D and even 3D CFD models to meet your specific needs to access the hydraulic conditions or scour concerns at a bridge, you can advance your quality of bridge evaluation and have a more in depth analysis overall.  Check out our most recent product, CBrease, a reliable, efficient and easy to use tool to help visualize and evaluate historic channel changes at bridges through both desktop and app software.


C-Brease is Now Available!



The mission of CBrease is to improve the process of bridge analysis for hydraulic engineers across the nation by providing an efficient and easy to use tool that creates digital imaging and graphing of bridges and water. 



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